Sunday, August 3, 2008

Taking Issue(s)

CHINATOWN, New York (August 3, 2008) >> politix

Let us not be distracted from the critical issues that face our nation. When the GOP lowers the Presidential dialogue level to celebrity baiting and racial fear mongering, remind your family, friends and neighbors that our nation is in real peril if we do not reach resolutions on the overwhelming problems confronting us.

--> Need to Address Our Economic and Housing Crisis;
--> Need for Universal Health Care;
--> Need to End Combat in Iraq;
--> Need to Preserve Our Environment;
--> Need to Solve Energy, Security & Global Warming;
--> Need for Economic Justice & Fair Taxation Policies;
--> Need for Rural Recovery and Broader Internet Access;
--> Need to Rebalance Corporatist and Lobbyist Dominated System;
--> Need for Smart Trade Agreements;
--> Need to Defend the Constitution.

McCain is simply not up to the task. We obviously do not need John McCain as Bush's third term! ///

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